Red Jalepeno & Garlic

Red jalapenos and spicy garlic, with savory undertones of sweet onion, carrot, caramelized tomato, and tangy mustard. 4oz btl
$ 8.00 USD

Serrano & Green Tomato

Serrano peppers and mild jalapenos, rounded out by bright acidic green tomatoes, zesty lime, onions, spring garlic, herbs, and agave. 4 oz btl
$ 8.00 USD

Morita Chile & Marionberry

Berry forward, with complex smokey undertones, rounded heat, and notes of warm rich molasses. 4 oz btl
$ 8.00 USD

Habanero & Heirloom Carrot

Spicy habaneros with sweet tones of carrot, bold bell pepper, tangy garlic, and sharp shallots with subtle notes of lime and brown sugar. 4 oz btl
$ 8.00 USD

PDX Hot Sauce Company Starter Set

Enjoy all three of our original flavors plus our newest addition Habanero & Heirloom Carrot! This item makes a killer gift for any sauce fan!
$ 30.00 USD

PDX Hot Sauce Company Sticker

PDX Hot Sauce Compnay sticker for you to tag on all your favorite gear!
$ 1.00 USD